The American ambassador to the Dominican Republic refused to hide his sexuality. Here’s how the Vatican responded

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WALLY BREWSTER BECAME THE American ambassador to the Dominican Republic in November 2013. The Vatican’s biggest concern with this? Brewster is an openly gay, married man. After taking up his post, the Vatican advised Brewster to keep his sexuality a secret. When Brewster refused, he received backlash from the country’s prominent Cardinals. According to the New York Times, Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez, the archbishop of Santo Domingo said he was appalled that Brewster received the post, and even called him a “maricón,” a Spanish slur for gay men.

Read the full article describing Brewster’s story in the New York Times here.


lots from Britain. I've seen similar things in Goa."

While men choose Asia for their sex tourism, women go to Southern Europe (Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Spain), to the Caribbean Basin (Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic), Genoa and Kenya in Africa, Bali, Indonesia and Phuket in Thailand to enjoy sex tourism. Nepal, Morocco, Fiji, Ecuador and Costa-Rica are less popular. Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Cuba are the countries that suit for sex tourism of both sexes, male and female.

in the Bermudas, yellow cabs

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in the Dominican Republic, grinda hunter

in Peru. Men of the Dominican Republic enjoy the reputation of the most professional gigolos. All countries where the men have deadlocks, they are also called “rentadreads”.

It is thanks to Canadian women that the Caribbean Islands and hot boys from Jamaica and Barbados grew incredibly popular. In the 1990s, female tourists from Japan and Taiwan joined them and went to the beaches of Bali and Phuket.


I've seen the aged women with the muscular young chaps.

Some of the women end up dead.

Some just get robbed of their valuables.

I don't think my emails even reach you any more.

I am afraid you are quite right Aangirfan. It would be an inevitability actually since many women see these as "romantic" outlets whilst to the men, it is pure business.

Odd we do not hear about this industry at all from this angle.

I surprised this is not yet another industry Israel has taken over. They already advertise hugely to the gay society!

Not necessarily, if you are careful and utilize the local hotel staff as guides or borrow them for your sexual escapades, this can be a wonderful experience for mature women such as myself. I have been to Jamaica and St. Thomas/St. John for some erotic adventures and have spent a few wonderful evenings into the mornings with these very willing and virile young black men. I will continue to visit them sometimes with a friend, but have gone by myself almost a half a dozen times.

U should consider India. Better and safe

Who even cares? Some of the more extreme WN's will even go as far as to claim that ANY sexual relations, regardless of whether birth-control is used or not, with 'inferior' 'mud' races is tantamount to ruining the white DNA forever. It's hilarious for a guy like Anglin from Daily shit-stirrer to be 'disgusted' by older white women with some money-saved for leisure seeking companionship and sex and maybe even some counterfeit romance in Jamaica or the Caribbean, where the young men can use the money, however less they might get paid than American gigolos, when he himself and every last one of his male visitors have probably been to at least one whorehouse, not just in their home-towns, but more-often overseas in places like China, the Phillipines, Mexico, Thailand or Eastern Europe where they get the most bang for their buck. Anglin's new buddy Lee Rogers of "The Daily Slave" used to brag openly on his Oracle show that he was going to Amsterdam for only two reasons: to do drugs and bang hookers in the red-light district. Did he check to make sure that every prostitute he was with was "pure white"? I doubt it but back then, before Celtic Rebel supposedly wised him up to the holohoax and the elite-Jew angle, he was still pushing Jesuit and freemasonic conspiracies only.

Yeah, it's obvious the Jews are pushing race-mixing and multi-culturalism but it's none of anybody's business what individual white women do with their own bodies and money. If they're attracted to young black males more than they are to young white males, for whatever reason, be it poisoned souls or attitude or lack of virility or just no attraction for older women, then that's tough shit. The obvious balance is in that very few white males are attracted to black females when there are white or Asian females around unless they look like Vanessa Williams, Halle Berry or Tyra Banks, in which case they're mulatto enough for them. Then they drool like the millions of morons getting lap-dances at 40 to a 100 dollars a pop with no underwear worn under their loose sweatpants. lol

It's like how easily the black students' association leader stumped Matthew Heimbach, the guy who was trying to start a white students' association on a college campus a while back. He said, the difference between you and us is that WE will take a mulatto as part of our group and accept him as black but YOU will never take the same person into your group and call him white.

Needless to add, Heimbach had no response to that because it was true. Not that I don't support his free choice to do whatever he wants as long as it doesn't physically hurt or damage the person or property of another (psychic damage always has physical symptoms and damage to reputation is lie-bel only if you can prove the damages) but their claim to be not 'elitist' and no different than the black group was shown up as false.

Lysander Spooner - Vices Are Not Crimes - A Vindication Of Moral Liberty

Hilariously spot-on critique of the hypocritical clowns at Daily Stormer by another racist blog, this one run by a guy who purports to be proud of his promiscuous lifestyle and conquests as an "alpha" male:

Have Your Slut And Eat Her Too

With Nazis like this, who needs Jews?

The rank hypocrisy of the phoney “pro-White” site becomes ever more apparent.

This is how they describe young White women victimized by Hollywood:
“gross whores” “it is difficult to care particularly much about this slut” “White trash slut”

So, all of the “concerned” neo-Nazis at DailyStormer line up to gawk at an 18 year old rape victim, calling her a “slut” and a “whore.” An 18 year old rape victim who was drugged. Let’s not pretend there isn’t a major element of titillation here – they post her pictures, her videos, stories about her sexual victimization and call her names. Let’s not pretend that the male readers – and likely the female readers – are not sexually aroused by these lurid stories. But it’s supposed to be ok because they denounce the Jewish rapist.

Not a one of these people promote marriage and family to 18 year old young women.

Yet I’m the one accused of promoting “Jew porn?” These neo-Nazis and their Church Lady enablers give the Jews a run for their money when it comes to hypocrisy.

People usually mean two things by “slut-shaming.” The first meaning is quite legitimate, many men do not want to marry a promiscuous woman. Nothing wrong with that. But this sort of slut shaming is quite different, she’s being called a “slut” not because of her behavior – which as far as we know amounts to nothing more than dancing and singing – but because she was working class and sexually attractive.

How much you want to bet than the daughters of any of the DailyStormer readers would jump at the chance to be rich and famous by dancing around seductively?

Just like the men who read Playboy “for the articles” and the old exploitation films that were nothing but porn under the guise of “education,” DailyStormer is getting their hits from salacious stories. Sex sells.

The old Church Ladies slut shame this girl because they are JEALOUS of the fact she is young and somewhat attractive. The men slut shame her because they can never have a girl like her. And DailyStormer – admittedly a tabloid – does what any tabloid does, get publicity by selling sex.

Amy looked somewhat like her. She was also slut-shamed by her sexual rivals and the men who were jealous that I got to have her, and they didn’t.

Back in the day, they used to sell erotic novels, including gay and lesbian novels, that got around the censors by adding a chapter on the end where everyone dies at the end. To get past the censors, you had to show that “crime doesn’t pay.” So they would tack on an unhappy ending, while 99% of the book was just plain old titillation.

How is this any different?

Then they call a bunch of boys – many of them likely raped by these Jew producers as well – “queer.”

DailyStormer makes the pro-White movement look bad, and it’s to the eternal discredit of their supporters that they are led around by the nose by these people.

They are not promoting sexual morality, the 14 Words, or decent treatment of young women. It’s ridiculous moral posturing that could only fool some aging bimbo pretending to be Christian – after she herself aged out of Slut Club. Looks like the WN movement is FULL of these old biddies.

If DailyStormer didn’t exist, the Jews would publish it themselves.

If a decent white man were to have married this girl at 17, have no doubt the Church Ladies would be screeching about “horny old goats,” and the Feminists would pay to kill her white baby.

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it. Jews are smart enough to know that – neo-Nazis aren’t.

Watch the video: Processing your. passport in Santo Domingo


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