15 signs you were born and raised in Connecticut

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1. You can spell Connecticut without having to sound it out.

It’s connect-i-cut, people.

2. School field trips consisted of bus rides to Mystic Seaport, the Pequot Museum or the Mark Twain House.

But you were just psyched to get out of the classroom.

3. At least ⅓ of your graduating class went to UCONN.

Ever heard of Spring Weekend?

4. Your childhood memories are defined by coasters at Riverside Park.

Boo, Six Flags. You’ll never be the same.

5. You’ve been asked a handful of times if your town is anything like the one in Gilmore Girls.

Stars Hollow doesn’t really exist. Cue tears.

6. …Or they assume you live in Greenwich.

Fairfield County might as well be New York, okay?

7. Your high school celebrated senior day at Holiday Hill.

Sweet, sweet freedom.

8. You’re a snob about Connecticut pizza.

It’s Pepe’sor GTFO.

9. Three little letters can fill you with dread.

CMT. *Shudder*

10. Fall doesn’t exist without heading to Middlefield to pick apples at Lyman Orchards.

Even if you’re only in it for the apple cider and donuts.

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11. You’ve been known to own your weight in pastels and you’ve definitely popped your collar.

You probably have a pair of Sperrys in your closet too.

12. Unlike Vermonters or Massholes, you’re not really sure what we’re called.

Nutmeggers? Connecticuters? Constitutionalists? Maybe we’ll just leave it at New Englanders.

13. You know that going to The Meadows (now, the Xfinity Center) is a rite of passage.

Even if you don’t remember it.

14. You’ve hit or been hit by a deer.

And the only thing you hate more than deer is snow.

15. You still mourn the Hartford Whalers.

RIP our only pro sports team. Sigh.

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